The Technology that we use.

We tried not to get to technical on the rest of the site but this page is a bit more indepth about the technology that we use.


PHP is a server side scripting language that enables us write to complex web applications which can interact with databases, graphics, the host operating system etc.
With PHP we can generate your web pages "on-the-fly" from a database or information sent via a form.
It offers a huge range of functions for just about any job including shopping carts, content management systems, games, plus many more.
PHP is "Open Source" software. This means that it is worked on by a group of developers who believe that software should be free, not free as in it costs no money, although it is, but free as in anybody can use the software for their purposes and view the source code.
Because of PHP's quality and quantity of functions we can greatly reduce development time on large projects which means a lower overal development cost.

To see a simple PHP Demo Click Here


Perl has been around for a long time. Some people would describe it as the grand-father of cgi scripting. Like PHP it enables us to interact with databases and the operating system. Because of Perl's long existance there is huge range of functions and add-ons available.
Also like PHP, Perl is a server side scripting language that generates the web-page on the fly taking information from a database or from submitted information.
Perl is little more complex and development time can be increased because of this, but it is extremely powerful.

To see a simple Perl Demo Click Here


Java can be used in several ways on a web-site.
  • Applets that run in the browser and provide special effects, games, animations etc.
  • JSP & Servlets that run on the server and provide similar capabilties as PHP & Perl.
  • Java can also be used to build complete desktop applications.
It has a huge range of functions and , in our opinion, is one of the most powerful languages for web development at the moment.


MySQL is a very fast and powerful SQL92 compliant Relational Database. Built for speed it is ideal for web-applications.
All of the above programming languages can interact with MySQL, there are versions for Linux, Unix and Windows making it extremely flexible.