Web Site Development Services

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  • Intranet Applications and Development.
  • Internet Consultancy.
What do you want from your web-site?

E-commerce, Interactive Games, Dicussion Forum's, Product Catalogue, Shopping Cart, Database, On-line Booking.

We can custom design, develop and implement your web site with just about anything you desire. Feature rich content, interactive pages, stunning graphics. All using a wide range of technologies including PHP, Java, Perl and MySQL.

You don't need to know what any of the above means to get the web-site that you want. We are here to assist you at every level from conception to completion.

Whether you already have a site or would like one desgined from scratch we can bring your site alive.

Sounds Good But Must be Expensive ?
Not necessarily. We have worked on a wide range of projects and have built up quite a library of scripts and applications. This means that we can offer a fully operational shopping cart system from as little as 250.00 plus VAT.

I already have someone designing my site but they can't do the shopping cart.
Thats not a problem. We can work with your designers to accomplish what you want from your site.

I'd really like to have a shopping system but my hosting company doesn't offer the technology we need.
Not a problem. We can work around this without disturbing your exisiting site. We can host the shopping cart side on one of our hi-speed servers and have requests sent from your exisitng site.